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Here goes.

married 31 yrs-down the drain. husband is a full blown addict. alcohol this time.
he left again 3rd time to go back to his family so they can take care of him. good luck.
3 kids, 30, 24 and 22. GREAT KIDS.
Oldest son married aug1
middle son moved across country Cali. i’m in FL.
daughter moved to virginia last week.
Mom passed away from glio brain tumor in Dec.
Filing for bankruptcy
filing for divorce when that is over but husband will not corporate
my car is slowly dying 210000 miles on it
loathe my job
hours have been cut
no health insurance
cut sick time to zero
not able to take a week vacation in over 6 years, Dr i work for wont allow
haven’t had a raise in 6 years, just because he doesn’t want to
3 months behind on my mortgage.
husband hadn’t worked most of last year so 0 in bank account
dealing with the path of abuse that comes with alcoholism is terrible
gained way to much weight
having to fake being happy when i just want to pull the covers over my head
washing machine on last leg
getting calls from in laws that finally realize its not my fault their son is an addict
he had a seizure, er, detox and now rehab. AGAIN. he was found down by a creek passed out all around him beer and vodka bottles/he was there for about 5 hours. terrible
the guilt of not being able to do anything.
feel like why i didn’t leave 10 years ago.
guilt over my daughter leaving to live with her brother in her senior year because of her dad.
way too much
really tired
yes i do count my blessing and yes some people have it worse,but this is my day to day reality.
just a little prayer for me if you remember.

Dear Safe Nest Readers, how can we intercede and offer comfort to this Reader in need? How can we encourage her today after reading her story of pain? Please comment below to be a light in her life. Join The Safe Nest.


  1. (comment from reader cathy)
    I wish I could send this poor soul a check to help her out. If you can contact her at all, please ask her to contact Modest Needs. Wonderful organization that might get her over the hump. If you want to share my email address, I’d like to send her a little something via Paypal.

  2. (comment from reader lisa)
    Please, please, please get to Al-Anon!! YOU are DEEPLY affected by living with an addict/alcoholic. When YOU get better, your life will too! I KNOW it seems hopeless and it’s probably hard to even get OUT Of BED many days, but you have a chance at a better life – open your heart to the people in Al-Anon and PLEASE Don’t just go to one meeting. Go to 6 in 3 weeks and then 6 more and 6 more. If you don’t like one group, go to another one. ASK FOR HELP!

  3. When I find myself all too often in a crazy down spiraling like this, I have to reach out to my girlfriends and just stay afloat. One minute, one hour, one day is good enough. Do something, anything, that will bring you joy. A hot bath, a phone call, a pizza. Anything. I am praying for you. No one deserves this much pounding-their-head-against-a-brick-wall, but you WILL get through this. It will not be today. Or tomorrow. But it will come. Ask God, beg of Him to release some of your burdens. Hold your head high as you shoulder the rest. You are loved. You are loved. You are loved.

  4. Oh, Dear One. My heart aches for you and your situation. I wish I could give you a hug and help you work through these deep and difficult troubles. Your weight right now is so great. It is too much. I hear you. I hear every word. I hear the pain in your words and the exhaustion. I hope by giving your pain a clear voice that it helps to unload the pressure piling up inside. Please tell me/us more. How can we pray for you today. You are loved. You are worthy. You deserve more than your circumstances.

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