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Dear Christen,

Well I was also that senior girl that moved in with her grandmother moms mother to get away from all of what it seems you (from previous reader share #276) went through but as my mother. It was so hard as a child to see my parents do what they did to each other because of the drinking, but my mother stayed even when her children begged her to leave him. She loves him she would say but we all grew up and went on with our lives. but it still plays over and over daily what I seen as a child and has at times really messed my life up but everyday I try to make it the best I can. my parents are still together he no longer drinks and she still makes him number one. I know it sounds strange but I still love my parents with all my heart I feel sorry for them. Their parents were not there for them I never remember any family members trying to help mom or dad with his drinking and they knew mom was having a rough time. His family and hers just left it alone they knew things were not right. so I say to you the best you can do is tell your children that your sorry that you didn’t do something sooner but your stronger now and let’s talk about it and it will get better. I know your life seems all messed up but remember that the kids are sometimes emotionally messed up more than you are. You will find away to get your bills and others things in order. The best for you is go and get help for yourself and be there for your children let them tell you how they felt and it will help you in return. It is not a pleasant situation but if you all support each other you will get through it. You did the best you could at the time I always tell my mom marriage and children and life doesn’t come with an instruction book. She is and my dad also are good people it’s just they were lost at that time in their life ! I wish you well get the support you need and ask for help and you will make it and learn to enjoy your new life.

Thank you, Reader, for your response. Now, how can we support YOU?

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