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  1. Thank you for sharing your life with us!

  2. Hi Christe,
    I’m writing to find out the diagnosis on Fiona. I was very taken by your story as I am a born worrier as well. My heart broke for you both imagining in my mind this playing out. I saw the darling pic you included of her but my mind kept saying but is she ok. God can give us strength and peace when we least expect it. Hoping your little angel is feeling better.
    God bless,

  3. I too suffer from panic attacks. I have a fear of the freeways. My husband was in a horrible motorcycle accident on the freeway and from then on I take the streets everywhere. I have been to therapy and even tried going to Hypnosis Therapy for 8 sessions last year. I still drive the streets. It hinders me from going any where that I can’t get to on the streets. I wish I could get over this!

  4. I also suffered for many years with panic. When it would begin, I also felt paralyzed and everyone around me (typically social gatherings) would sound as if they were echoing and off in the distance. It felt like I was out of my body almost. I was so embarrassed because it probably looked like I was dazed and staring off into space. With this panic would come horrible stomach aches and mutiple trips to the restroom (sorry, TMI!) This led to me not wanting to go to people’s homes because I felt like there was no way out. I made up excuses until I was no longer invited to get-togethers. It was awful. I found out that I was severely anemic last May. I began taking iron pills, stopped eating gluten, and started taking a multi-vitamin daily. After a few weeks, the panic attacks stopped. I haven’t had one since. I never knew that my anemia was causing it. I was even stuck on the new Seven Dwarfs Disney ride for over 20 minutes when it malfunctioned last November and I was fine! That in and of itself is a miracle. I just wanted to share my story because it may help someone. Of course not everyone who suffers from panic attacks has a nutrient deficiency, but it is worth checking into. To not feel panic in (formerly)stressful situations is wonderful.

  5. Yes, I have had similar things happen to me with my mom. She is now elderly and I am much older than you. What further complicated and still complicates my situation is: I come from a large family. My siblings refused to call my mother on her controlling, demeaning behavior. This made it hard for me to voice my opinion since my mom always pointed to me and said “you’re the only one who feels that way”. By nature, I am an optimist. Yet, I do experience bouts of anger when my feelings are being suppressed. I do not think of myself as bitter, just highly sensitive to abusive behavior.

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